Project info

  • Case Studies
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Childress Klein-Cambridge Healthcare Solutions, LLC

  • JE Dunn Construction Company

  • Steven Parris

  • RPA Design

“This team has created a real culture, where everyone is working towards the same goal. Though we have had challenges, this is a very unique level of teamwork and we continue to be proactive and push ahead.”
Steven Parris, project manager for the Department of Veterans Affairs

Project description

The Charlotte Veterans Affairs Health Care Center was built to provide crucial outpatient specialty services to approximately 40,000 military veterans per year in the Charlotte metropolitan area. Throughout the two-year project, various project stakeholders participated in quarterly Partnering sessions using Ventura Consulting Group’s Good to World-Class model, which is aligned with the tools and steps recommended by the International Partnering Institute, including establishing a project charter, an issue resolution ladder and regular scorecards administered by the facilitator. As part of the Partnering process, the team established clear and measurable goals to direct the project’s strategy and actions, and increased collaboration among the field-level staff, as well as senior-level project team leadership and end-user groups (nurses, radiologists, therapists, administrative staff, etc.). This integrated team approach allowed for timely decisions whenever issues arose, and kept the project moving forward, and the team focused on not only meeting, but exceeding the project’s goals.

Partnering Results

  • Completed ahead of schedule
  • Completed under budget
  • Zero lost-time safety incidents
  • Established common team goals
  • Engaged senior-level leaders and end-user groups as well as other field-level team members

Project notes 

  • Lease–leaseback
  • 430,000 SF
  • $104 million
  • LEED® Silver-designed