Project info

  • Case Studies
  • California Department of Transportation

  • Security Paving Company, Inc.

Project description

The Caltrans project team was charged with rehabilitating a section of Interstate 40 in San Bernardino County, which is a major thoroughfare for the transport of goods and people into California from the Southwest states. Construction work consisted of milling the existing asphalt concrete pavement between post mile 73 and 89, and replacing it with new materials. Other work entailed the replacement of existing dikes and guardrails, and the placement of new shoulder backing.

During the initial Partnering Workshop, a Partnering Charter was developed to reflect the priorities of the collective team. The partnering process helped foster a collaborative environment resulting in numerous cost and time saving solutions. For example, the team made changes to the contract lane closure plan that extended closure durations, eliminating the need for paving during winter weather and increasing productivity. Solutions were also developed that reduced the amount of materials needed to complete the project, resulting in a significant cost savings.